Relax Relate Breathe

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths”  Etty Hillesum

I just celebrated another revolution around the sun and am ever so grateful. I am energetic, optimistic and the number of times I’ve revolved around the sun does not show on my face! I practice mindful living, thinking, eating and self care. But I will keep it real with you- my life is jammed packed with a plethora of shit to do and a deadline to have it done! This is the case for oh so many sistas, wives, single moms and women wearing multiple hats.

I, at times feel overwhelmed by the never ending list of tasks I’ve assigned myself, and I don’t feel accomplished until it’s completed. The kid needs home cooked meals, clean clothes, one on one time and entertainment! Mama is a full time student, promoting a newly published book and co runs a business! Every now and then I will let the laundry pile up or order take out just to catch my breath.

Back to my birthday- part of my celebration was to give myself 2 hours for a “spa day”- like, I really had to convince myself that I could spare 2 hours to let go and relax! This prompted a conversation with my sister-friend and how we tend to pile so much on our plates and don’t decompress as we should! Yes, I will vacation once or twice a year, but I have come to realize that that isn’t enough to keep me going from one day to the next. African American women- myself included, are the number victims of heart disease and stress is huge factor. Relaxation and recharging is one of the ways to overcome stress induced hypertension. Here are some self care ideas I use to keep me grounded and relaxed:

pure lavender essential oil: a drop or two on a tissue, lay it over your face and breathe- diffusers are nice too

•controlled breathing: be aware of your inhalations and exhalations- take 3 to 5 minutes throughout the day for this

meditation: clear your mind from the clutter, chatter and swirling thoughts- as they pop up in your head let them pass like a car passing on the freeway until you’re coasting on an empty road in your head, relax and breathe

take a scenic walk: you don’t have to go to a walking park or trail, even the concrete jungle is scenic, the squirrels, cute ferrell kitty, the sneakers hanging from the telephone wires can help you to escape your thoughts (how long have they been up did they get up there…who put them up there?) and even the weeds we call “wishes” embody beauty- don’t forget to breathe

a fragrant detoxing bath: a warm bath with your favorite essential oil and epsom salts will literally pull the stress out of you- light a candle, and again- breathe and read a couple of poems from my book, A Maze In Love

If you didn’t notice, all of my suggestions are mindful thinking and a form of meditation. We can clear our minds, lower our heart rate and stress by controlling our breathing and how we think. However you decide to decompress, make it a daily treat to yourself! You are Amazing and you deserve to Be Happy, Be Blessed and Be Balanced! Join our tribe on Facebook: Amazing Lady




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