Shine On

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars” ~Gary Allan

During my last night in sunny California, I decided to offer up my gratitude and meditate on the balcony. I lit an aromatic frankincense and mehr incense, purchased from Shades of Afrika, and a candle to set the mood with the Pacific Ocean waves rolling and crashing under the commands of the waning full moon as my soundtrack. I released all thoughts, replayed my day, exhaled and gave thanks for this wonderful opportunity to meet new people in a place I’ve always dreamt to visit- all while promoting my book A Maze In Love .

This thought alone brought on more gratitude because publishing a book wasn’t even on my radar for 2018, yet it is becoming the platform I’ve intended to have in order to reach and empower women. After concluding my quiet time, as I exited the balcony and began to close the sliding glass door, I noticed a multitude of glistening stars. Myself, being a stargazer, didn’t bother to search for stars as I usually do, this night I was distracted by the other marvelous wonders that surrounded me- snow capped mountains, swaying palm trees and beach bonfires. But nothing, and I mean nothing compares to a star lit night. I sat back down on the chair, wrapped myself in a blanket and took it all in- how amazing God is to bless us with free gifts.

The twinkling of the stars were mesmerizing and prompted me to say to myself: “we marvel at the twinkles of the stars, but they are indeed the product of the stresses in the atmosphere”. Stars twinkle due to the turbulence in the atmosphere of the Earth. As the atmosphere churns, the light from the star is refracted in different directions. Imagine- we too at times are shaken by turbulence from our surroundings and from afar, yet in the eyes of others we shine!

At the closing of the day, just as I thought I’d given thanks for everything, I was blessed with one last lesson of the day! An amazing lesson that was literally written in the stars! Stay focused Amazing Ladies, and realize that as you are shaken up by daily crap, you are still shining. Shine on my sisters!

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Here are some photos from my trip to sunny California.


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