Yoni Baths- part 2 of Women’s History Month Tribute

Yoni:  “the source of all life”, “ sacred space”

I’m back with part 2 of my tribute to Women’s History month (read part 1- the Va Jay Jay workout HERE ) by honoring the passageway in which we all arrived into this world- the Yoni! The Yoni is where Women’s history begins, and I will celebrate our sacred biological gift by sharing some ways to pamper your Yoni, holistic Yoni baths! Physicians will tell you that the vagina is self cleaning and needs no help, but from my experiences, sometimes special attention is required. When there’s an overgrowth of bad bacteria or an imbalance of ph in the vagina, you may experience a mild odor* or discharge, when this occurs, the Yoni needs some assistance in cleansing; you may have a yeast infection, BV, or just completed menstruation. These suggestions should be practiced as preventive care or along with treatment- not to replace treatment from the doctor. I have these ingredients on hand in my kitchen as well as bathroom because they all have multiple uses.

Preparation: thoroughly clean and rinse the bathtub, set the mood with incense, candles or rose petals and relaxing music. Water temperature should be warm, never hot!  Keep a glass of water nearby- detoxing requires drinking water to assist in removing toxins through urinating.

  • ACV (apple cider vinegar) Bath: adding 1-2 cups of organic ACV to a warm bath and soaking for 20-30 minutes will fight odor causing bacteria within the vagina (as well as the feet and armpits) and promotes healthy ph.
  • Bicarbonate of Soda (baking soda):by adding 5 tablespoons-2 cups is beneficial in treating UTI, yeast infection, mild odor*, detox- soak 10-40 minutes in warm water
  • Tea Tree/ Lavender essential oil: 2-4 drops mixed with epsom salts or milk (allows even disbursement of oil molecules) added to warm bath. Both oils act as natural disinfectants and will aid in odor* control, yeast and BV- not to mention leaves the Va Jay Jay feeling tingly clean!

*When I mention mild odor, just a twang or unfresh feeling; if you are experiencing a strong odor down there (fishy/garbage), please seek professional help! After you have been treated, try these as preventive rituals.

BONUS: Yoni Steam. Hear me now! Yoni steams, an ancient worldwide practice, to rejuvenate as well as heal the womb/vagina; it is believed to promote postpartum healing, tighten vaginal tissues, decrease period cramping, detox, increase fertility and something I learned after my own experience- increase libido! I did a Yoni steam at home and here’s how I did it, along with my experience. I purchased a disinfecting yoni steam treatment from Steamychick.com, I chose disinfecting (they offer a variety of treatments) to use following menstruation. The instructions says to use 10 days straight- honestly I didn’t plan to commit to 10 days but upon completion I cannot wait for days 2-10!

I don’t own a steam chair but this is how I made my own. You will need: a slotted chair, heavy blankets, crockpot (optional), drinking water and again set the mood for relaxation.First, I added 1 sachet of herbs to a gallon of water and simmered for 20 minutes.

(ingredients: cnidium, sophora root, atractylodes, cornsilk, dandelion, witch hazel, chamomile, white sage, peppermint, lavender, mugwort).

Second, I added the mixture in a crockpot (to keep the mix steaming) on high setting; if you don’t have a crockpot, place pot on a trivet to prevent damage to your floor. I placed the chair over the crockpot, sat down (bare from the waist down) and draped the blankets around my waist and chair, isolating the steam.

My Experience: I was immediately soothed by the aromatic fragrance; I played yoga music and practiced mindful breathing. After 3 minutes, my lower extremity muscles were relaxed and I felt like I was in a sauna. Ten minutes in, I was in euphoric bliss, I couldn’t believe how great I was feeling down there with no sexual stimulation! I made a video during the steam- view here (I’m all wrapped up). This steam felt so invigorating, yet relaxing, that after 40 minutes I didn’t want it to end! Afterwards my Yoni felt warm, moist, and like it had taken a deep breath and a large exhale! One effect that I didn’t expect, was that I’d become aroused (a sensation I have when using the yoni egg)- it’s like my womb is awakened, similar to a post orgasmic sensation.  I am definitely sitting on that throne for days 2-10 if not for any other reason but the great feeling when I complete the steam treatment.

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! Be Well, Be Balanced, Be Amazing!


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