Meet Angel

Angel founded Amazing Lady (C’est la Vie with Angel) as a contribution to a community of sister friends. Following a life long passion and natural talent in hair styling,  Angel pursued a cosmetology education right after high school, after working as a hair stylist she opened a salon along with a fellow coworker and friend. Angel has gained over 20 years experience as a hair stylist, salon manager and owner, cosmetology educator and countless appearances as a workshop facilitator and speaker to women and girls on self image and esteem, which has catapulted her into developing an expertise on women and teen girls’ empowerment needs, confidence struggles and interests on overcoming stigmas related to but not limited to natural beauty and healthy approaches to caring for the body and spirit. This ignited a passion that inspired Angel to step from behind the styling chair as a confident, advisor and “hair dresser therapist” in order for her voice to reach a wider range of teens and women who would benefit from her own motivating experiences on her gained wisdom on overcoming life’s obstacles. Being an avid reader, poet, and educator, all unbeknownst to herself, prepared Angel to pursue blogging and public speaking as a platform to mentor and inspire. Recently, published author of book “A Maze In Love” has been added to her resume. Angel’s own story of parenting, entrepreneurship, traveling, love as well as spiritual and physical fitness are forums in which women and teens hunger to hear from. I am someone who walks a journey similar to theirs, proof that they too can pursue their dreams while being their authentic self. “Self-awareness means living the life you choose to live without worrying what others think about you. It doesn’t matter what others think about you. What matters is what you think about yourself.”- Sadiqua Hamdan. Angel offers a brighter insight on viewing oneself and a happy life.

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