You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile” ~Charlie Chaplin

It has been scientifically proven that smiling releases endorphins that boost our moods. The bigger the smile, either from turning up the corners of our mouths to flashing our teeth, determines the level of those feel good hormones that are shot out into our system. Our brain doesn’t realize if we’re smiling because we’re happy or just going through the motions, and pow, those endorphins (hormones that make us feel good) are released! What’s best about smiling is that it’s contagious, an ice breaker in social settings and found to be attractive to most! I’ve tested this out myself and I must agree that when I’ve found myself deep in thoughts of the stresses of adulting and just smiled- I felt a release of stress. I actually began to laugh at myself for smiling for no reason which made me feel even better!
Recently I decided to make an improvement to my smile, yep to increase my attractiveness to that special someone to be, and invested in Smile Direct Club aligners. Smile Direct Club offers an invisible alternative to braces by cutting out office visits. Here’s how it goes: they sent me an impression kit which included a “smile stretcher”, putty, trays and step by step instructions;after the kit was received by SDC, I received and email informing me that I was an approved candidate along with a 3D video of my smile transformation (so cool!); I chose form of payment- in full or monthly payment plan and received my aligner trays for the whole process as well as tooth whitening gel in one kit. The trays are packaged and labeled by week and month- my treatment was decided to be a 4 month plan. When I inserted my first set I was taken aback- those little lightweight thangs hurt! It was a snug fit and I even was afraid that I would snap them putting them on, but I didn’t. The pain quickly subsided to slight discomfort. I really love that they are truly invisible and also prevents snacking during the day- nobody in their right mind is going to keep popping those bad boys on and off, let alone attempt to eat with them. Smile Direct Club recommends to wear aligners 22 of a 24 hour day. I took progress photos because I just wanted to see the gradual results over time. I must admit that I am highly satisfied and impressed! 2BB24FEE-9292-4CA3-8942-DEFCD29B2C36I wore metal braces for 4 years (and didn’t keep up with the retainer) which is why I recorrected (did I just make that word up?) my smile. I was skeptical that in only 4 months I’d have an improved smile, but this is the first week of the fourth month and I’m overjoyed! What a great investment in my smile! I now have a new reason to smile for the hell of it!
This is not a paid ad- just a review. If you want to tighten up that grin, use my referral link and in turn get a discount on your impression kit. Be balanced. Be well. Be happy.


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