I’m Trippin’

part 2: What to Pack

“When in doubt, don’t.”

~Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to part 2 of the I’m Trippin series! I hope that you’ve read and enjoyed part 1, Going With the Gut. Preparing for vacation can be exciting or it can trigger anxious questions such as what to wear, what will I need outside of clothes and basic toiletries, or what if something terrible goes wrong😯?! What you don’t want to do is not plan out your packing and take a bunch of what you don’t need! Checked baggage is too costly these days. In this article I will share what I’ve learned during my travels through good ole trial and error with a dash of research! For some of you,  there will be some Ah Ha 💭 moments as you read on, feel free to share, take notes, screenshot, or even print out this post! This article may act as a reminder of what you already knew as far as packing, but the intense feeling of elation from just the thought that you are leaving your cares behind and forging off to a new and beautiful place with bae, or the girls, has you distracted; have no fear, Angel is here to make sure packing for your trip is nothing short of AMAZING 😁! Included are tips on how to pack light to avoid those astronomical baggage fees, what to carry on in case that mofo called Murphy (Murphy’s Law*) tags along uninvited and a simple, yet potentially life saving bit of information that so many don’t know about!

Mix and Match Clothes:

For those who admire light packers, here are some items you can pack, and mix and match getting different “outfits” with the same base piece: pack a nice black dress or slacks that can be dressed up or down by accessorizing with a belt, cardigan, blazer, different tees, blouse, or with jewelry. The second item is 1 good pair of jeans- shorts, pants or skirt, switch it up with accessories just the black dress or slacks. No one would be the wiser that you’re doing a replay!


 A Comfort From Home:

Pack something that will be a sense of comfort, travel can be stressful, anything can go wrong, from a missed or delayed flight, traffic, having a fall-out with your travel partner, food poisoning, rain, your aunt Flo decided to show up unexpectedly, hangover, anything- Murphy’s Law*! Take time and go over my suggestions, close your eyes, and envision your go to’s when in need of a pick me up or winding down that will snatch you back to being centered and ready to Let the Good Times Roll!


Throw It in the Bag! (carry on)

  • your fave candle/ essential oil
  •  a lightweight blanket
  • your fave tea
  • a special playlist for meditation or hype/ exercise music
  •  slippers
  • Poo-Pouri 
  • compression socks (Amazon sells stylish socks like these, and more )  They prevent developing blood clots during long flights
  • Amazing Journaling** book ( purchase here )

🚨 911-ish🚨: In the event of an emergency 

This is the proverbial last but not least of packing tips I will share; please, puleeze pack a first aid kit including basic essentials:

  •  Benadryl
  •  Tylenol
  • Neosporin
  •  itch relief cream
  •  Band-aids
  • antibacterial wipes (great for wiping down door knobs, faucets, toilet handle, toilet seat and remote control)

Most importantly, YOU MUST KNOW WHAT NUMBER TO CALL IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY 🚑🚒🚓. Not all countries use 9-1-1 as their emergency number, so do research before travel and add it to you contacts, memorize it, make sure everyone with you knows it, even write it down and put it in your wallet. Here are some emergency numbers


USA 9-1-1 

Caribbean 9-1-1 (Jamaica 1-1-9, Haiti 1-1-4, Martinique 1-1-2, Cuba 1-0-6)

Europe 1-1-2

China 1-1-9

Canada 9-1-1


I thank you for visiting my page, I hope that you found some useful information; if you did, please share! My goal is to provide you with the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my journey. In the meantime, Be well, Be balanced and Be AMAZING!


* Although I referenced Murphy’s Law: “anything can go wrong, will go wrong”, I must admit that I don’t fully believe it, I’m more of an optimist! But we should always be prepared for kinks in a trip. And when we’re prepared, we can make lemonade out of lemons.

**I published an interactive journal, Amazing Journaling, there are writing prompts to assist in positive, healing through reflection and writing! If you’d like one for yourself or as a gift to another Amazing Lady or Teen, purchase here 💝




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