Living My Amazing Life

“If you wait for someone’s approval, for the right time, for that special someone, or for your money to be right – life may pass you by. LIVE in the meantime!”

~Angel M.


I was recently invited to be a guest co-host on the Toni G Campbell Podcast series to discuss Living an Amazing Life! During the show I spoke about the many hats I wear such as being an entrepreneur, an author, a mom, travel and deciding to add a new career chapter after over 25 years in the beauty industry!

I realized a very long time ago that the key to my inner peace is transparency and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to get through so many tough times in my life. Once I decided not to put up a facade, not to keep secrets aka lie to myself and others about my hardships, so-called failures and so-called embarrassing situations, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and that my friends, empowered me to live life amazingly!

We cannot live an amazing life if we are not our authentic selves and living in our truth. With that being said, this is how I was able to change my reality, to live unapologetically! When I decided to publish my first book, A Maze In Love, I found myself having a conversation with myself that it’s okay to bare my soul for the world to see, for them to make assumptions, or to embrace my story in the form of poetry. I knew that by offering my truth, my pain, enlightenment of self worth, self love and self actualization, I had the power to empower and inspire many who may think that they are alone in their journey in life.

I have adopted the idea the “if they can do it, then so the hell can I”! Why not? I enrolled into cosmetology school almost immediately after I graduated high school due to  a financial aid mishap where I was previously enrolled in a junior college to become a Medical Lab Technologist. Since the age of 10, I held a natural talent and passion to “do hair” and decided to pursue a formal education in Cosmetology. Over twenty-five years later, as well as over 21 years as a salon co-owner, it wasn’t a half bad decision. But, as time went on, and the industry changed, that idea of “what if” was looming in my head and stirring in my spirit. On 2 occasions when I had my palm read, I was told that I was a nurse, or in the healthcare/medical field, so why not go for it? I did! I had friends who cheered my on, some who questioned “why”, some who snickered and some who unintentionally threw negativity and warned me of my new career choice, but hey, I was not doing this for them nor their approval. I had the same reaction when I decided to open a salon with no money at the age of 24, so I believed the odds were in my favor! Fast forward to present day, I have a degree and another certification R.T. (R)!

Along with adopting the idea “if they can do it, so the hell can I”, I also have fostered the mantra, “if not now, when?”. I love to travel, attend concerts, as well as dinner and a movie like most. I found myself not doing these things because I had no one with the same days off, interests or resources- and I was single. I admired those people I saw dining alone, sitting in the theater solo and even having peace and solitude on the beach, in the park, or strolling through the city. I figured, hey I like me, I can afford to date myself, and I definitely love a great time…and that’s when a love affair with myself grew deeper! 😍 I dined alone and loved it, I looked forward to sitting in a matinee solo, singing loudly and selfishly unchaperoned at a show, and more frequently flying freely with just me!IMG_9352

I share this with you because I want you to take the time to smell the roses, heck smell the pretty weeds too! Get out there and live your life and be amazed at the joy that will follow! IMG_9527

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