Self Love Assessment

image“You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient enough to fulfill the yearning that your soul requires from you.”~ Dodinsky

We have completed the first quarter of 2016! This is a great time to do a self love assessment, just to be sure you haven’t put yourself on the bottom of your new year “to do” list . Look for signs of denying yourself but giving feverently to please others. It’s easy to get to a point of overlooking things that will improve yourself spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally for various reasons such as a broken heart, depression, detesting your place of employment, unhappy with your home life, love life or lack thereof. Many people find approval, acceptance and reinforcement from outside sources. Latching on to something or someone to receive the feelings of being desired, needed, wanted, that gitty euphoria or simply knowing that you’re being thought of at any cost are signs of diminishing self worth. When YOU know how great you are and i mean BELIEVE it- you don’t require this from your children, a mate, text messages or food. Here’s a little regiment to keep yourself at the top of your list of having a great year.
start your day with a daily affirmation- there’s an app for that!
visualize your day and put positive energy into how you want the events to happen
have happy thoughts ON PURPOSE- when you find your thoughts wander off to your troubles, acknowledge the thought and quickly replace them with thoughts that make you feel good:

•be GRATEFUL- offer up a few little or a big “thank you” at the start of your day, during the day, and at the end of the day

•SMILE! studies show that the simple act of smiling increases your endorphins (positive feeling chemicals in the body)

•do something great for YOU! although I encourage doing acts of kindness for others, it is imperative to be kind to yourself. Eat something healthy, exercise- a 20 minute walk after dinner, light a candle, use the good china (why let the dishes and glasses collect dust in between the holidays and special occasions?)

•say NO! when you have a “to do” list that’s only half completed, say NO to non-emergency favors that will just keep you from reaching your daily or weekly goal

•SET FEEL GOOD GOALS: meal planning, journaling, fitness, self pampering, shopping, paying off a credit card bill- but be mindful of your budget, overspending will not make you feel good in the long run once the bills roll in- the goal is to have a great year and excessive debt is not a good feeling!

•end your day with prayer (a conversation with God) and meditation (clearing your thoughts) for a good night’s rest

•change your scenery, be it a daycation, staycation, or vacation- a change of scenery clears the head, opens the heart, heals the spirit and recharges our motivation battery!

Whatever you choose to show yourself how much you love you and how important you are to you…your future self will thank you for it! Share in the comments how you exercise self love. Be well…Be balanced…Be blessed!

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3 thoughts on “Self Love Assessment

  1. The underlying message is imperative,to love yourself and that means take time for YOU.I have learned this by doing so much for others until when it’s time for me….there is no time for me I’m burned out.In the morning and in the evening i have my spiritual reading to encourage myself and refocus if need be. Awesome read,and very good topic…two thumbs up!


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