Baby Steps and Strides Through 2016

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping”-Chinese proverb

I’m a person who always like to have set goals and a plan to reach them, not necessarily big goals, but something to look forward to. My close friends would say that I’m always doing something, and that’s what keeps me motivated through life. Whether it’s a trip, a girl’s night out, a DIY project or a new hair do, I always have a to do list! Some of my largest accomplishments began by a “to do list” jotting down “baby steps” on how to get to where I want to be, and before I knew it, I can look back and see how far I had traveled! It’s amazing and humbling at the same time. The turn of a new year prompts me to evaluate my progress (give thanks), my stumbles (learn from mistakes) and re- strategize if need be. For 2016 I have 3 set goals, 1 worked well last year so I decided to make it a traditional goal and the other 2 are new approaches to reach goals I have previously made for myself.
My first is the 52 week savings plan. A good friend of mine shared this with me last year and encouraged me to partake, I did, and the incentive was to use the money for a winter getaway! Every week of the year, I chose Sundays, I put away that week’s perspective dollar amount: week 1=$1, week 2=$2, etc. After 52 weeks I had enough money to pay for hotel accommodations and a car rental, you may decide on a new piece of furniture or shopping spree.
Second, I borrowed an idea from a post on Facebook, 200 workouts out of 366 days of the year! I have a note taped to my mirror with 200 vertical lines that I will cross out to make an (+) after every gym visit or workout. I’m not going to stress myself out over a weight or inch goal, I will focus on healthy meal options and smart portions, the rest should fall into place (or off)!
Third and definitely not last, because I always set goals throughout the year, is to work on prayer. Last year I consciously worked on forgiveness and meditation (there is a difference between meditation and prayer) for spiritual awareness. This year I will consciously list the people in my life who I feel the need to pray for as well as list the areas in my life that need strengthening through prayer. I believe if we all put forth as much effort on our spiritual beauty as we do on outward appearance, the world would be a more golden place!
I hope that my 3 goals inspire you to set and stick to a few goals to make you a better you…for YOU! Remember the main thing is to keep stepping, whether it is one baby step at a time, or stride after stride. Peace be with you.

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3 thoughts on “Baby Steps and Strides Through 2016

  1. Love the inspiration for the new year,it’s like opening a window in a room that is full of stale air….a fresh breeze,new ideas,a little redeorating and it’s a new outlook on an old room


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