Experiencing the Law of Attraction

I decided to take my children Taylor and Kalani to Florida during our winter break. Because I am a part time student my income is limited, so I researched the most economical options to pull off this trip during peak travel season ; this also meant that we may have to cut corners on some amenities. Earlier this year I came across the book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, that enlightened me on the law of attraction. Some techniques I unconsciously practiced, while others I learned to consciously incorporate into my daily life. I’m going to give 3 examples of the power of faith and speaking what you want into existence experienced by myself, Kalani and Taylor.
Our flight is scheduled for 5:30 am with Frontier Airlines on December 26. I checked-in online the day before and arranged to get to the airport by 4:30 am. First I want to backtrack because hindsight is 20/20. I worked on Christmas Eve, which isn’t unusual, but I worked later than usual because I wanted the extra money for vacation expenses. I don’t usually listen to music and watch t.v. while working, but this day I decided to overload on Christmas carols on the tube, although it was muted and stream Pandora from my iPhone. Someone catches my eye on the screen, a man leading a choir who shares a striking resemblance of someone I know but I just can’t recall who. It’s eating me up but I’m also working diligently to get out of the salon and home to my children so I blow it off …
Back to our travels, we arrive at Philadelphia International Airport at 4:37 am, I paid for checked luggage online so that we can go straight to security, or so I thought! The line, although not very long when we arrived was barely moving and grew tremendously behind us as a result. After waiting 15 minutes, I take a chance to skip to the counter and explain that my flight departs in 35 minutes. The understanding lady takes our luggage and we zip up to security, “thank God” is my silent prayer! As we exit the escalator I see a familiar face that instantly rings a bell, the face on t.v. that I couldn’t place, resembles the brother of a former co-worker standing right at the top of the escalator in line! I rush over with excitement greeting him and his family, then I noticed how far back the line stretched behind them. I knew we had to get on our flight so I was ecstatic that they allowed us to get in front of them. Everything was smooth sailing from there, the TSA bumped us through a faster line when I explained our situation, and we made the flight with time to spare! Upon settling in our seats, it hit me that the universe wanted me to pay particular attention to that man on t.v. who resembled Junior, whom I hadn’t seen in over a year, because I needed to instantly recognize his face when we got off that escalator. Again, I gave a silent “thank you God” and smiled.
We arrived in sunny Florida at 8:30 am on time! My 8 year old son, Kalani, expressed his exhaustion and how he just wants to lie down in the bed. I explained to him that check-in isn’t until 4:00 pm, and suggested that after we claim our luggage and take a shuttle to the resort we can grab a bite to eat while we wait for our condo to be ready. It took about 20 minutes to retrieve our luggage and another 10 minutes to book the Mears shuttle to the resort. While we are sitting outside awaiting transportation to the resort, Kalani again states that he’s tired and only wants to get to the condo and rest; he’s 8 so I don’t repeat the logistics of hotel check-in. Right after he made his statement, my phone rings and it’s Westgate Resorts guest services confirming our arrival and he tells me that our condo will be available upon arrival to the resort, great news! Once again a confirmation of the power of the law of attraction and speaking what you want into existence! I made sure to point out this example to the children so that they are aware of how it works, and again I offered thanks to God!
After we had eaten lunch, hung out at the pool and took our perspective naps, we headed out for dinner. We were prepared to take the local bus but decided to follow the foot traffic and see where it took us since it was such a lovely evening. We didn’t have to walk very far before we hit International Drive, a strip full of shops and restaurants. As we walked we couldn’t collectively decide on what to eat, there was a pizza shop, Kalani’s fave, KFC, and Applebee’s, which I suggested and they declined. I explained to the kids that since lunch on the resort was rather expensive, whatever we chose has to be within budget. Taylor, my 16 year old daughter, notices the smell of charbroiled steak. I point out that there’s a Brazilian steakhouse ahead but they typically cost $40 per person which was out of budget especially since Kalani is not much of a meat eater. We continued our trek in search of dinner, hungry and undecided, when a man comes out of nowhere with a huge sign advertising a Brazilian steakhouse, Café Meniero, of all things! He explains there’s a salad, side and entrée buffet as well as a carving station option instead of the $40 sit down dinner ,where they bring unlimited meats to you, for $16 per adult and $6 for kids. He offered a 10% coupon that included free unlimited juice and soda then directed us to the restaurant! We agreed on the buffet and hurried over to immediate seating and delicious food all for $47! I made no hesitation to bring attention of how Taylor spoke her desire for what she wanted for dinner into existence!
I share these stories because they were lessons for me as well as the children. I learned not to discredit my children’s desires and their power to attract what they want, and to encourage them to do so. I was guilty of subtlely deferring their dreams. I know now that a simple “who knows” or “anything is possible” is a better reaction. Our experiences also confirmed first hand for both of my children that they hold the power to attract what they want!

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5 thoughts on “Experiencing the Law of Attraction

  1. Very uplifting blog,and kudos for you to open up and share your experiences to make a very strong and valid point….your energy can attract what you want and ultimately deserve.I know you are quite the busy woman,but i hope there are more blogs to come.


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