To Be a Great Dad Today

Some men seem to be born as great fathers, they are natural role models and exude strength and gain adoration from not only their children, but from the children of their village. They too, were likely shaped and molded by a man, who took time to give helpful and uplifting advice from properly washing their body, explaining what the little flap in the front of the underpants is for, that it’s courteous to hold the door for people passing through behind you, to compliment someone when you are pleased with something they did or how they look, obey your mama, protect your sister and to honor and respect nature. In this day and age, fathers are consumed with work, little to no previous positive influence by male role models and have lost the knowledge of how important being a DAD and not just a FATHER means to their children.
Of course we’ve heard the saying “any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad”, and if you haven’t heard this, allow me to translate: biologically a man can reproduce and that may be the beginning and ending of fatherhood. A dad is working as provider for ALL needs of their child: essentials such as shelter, food, affection and so forth. Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction book BUT the instructions are there when you, as a man, are yoked to the woman you created life with, spiritually grounded within yourselves and pay attention to life’s lessons as you’ve grown into adulthood- it’s all there! What to do, what not to do, and there are books to help with creative ideas to add fun and excitement along the way!
Being a hard worker and financial provider, indeed, is important; just as spending quality time (read: Scheduling QT With the Family ) helps grow very necessary bonds with your family (read: Building Substantial Relationships) Trust me, it doesn’t take a lot of money and gadgets to make a child feel loved, secure and to want to be like you- time, attention and affection will do: checkers, cards, a walk and conversation about the child’s interests, fears and dreams will be fine- plus those activities spark thought and plant seeds of critical thinking and goal planning without them even knowing!
Yes, some men seem born to be great dads but it’s only because from young they’ve been molded, even if they didn’t know, by being influenced and taking mental notes along the way of what to do and what not to do as a humanitarian, a husband, a man, a father or a role model. When you know that you deserve to be treated a certain way as a person, it’s not hard to know that’s how others should be treated as well- even if they don’t know it for themselves.
It’s not too late to be a Great Dad, the work begins within yourself and the results will benefit you, your family and community greatly! Be Blessed, Be Well, Be Balanced…C’est la Vie (this is life)!

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