Scheduling Q/T For Family


“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything”

~Michael J. Fox

Living in a time when children have busy calendars and parents are on a relentless search of balance for career, socializing, family and duties of the home. We set “play dates” for our children to hang with their friends, “Girls Night Out”  to bond with our gal pals, “Date Night” to keep the romantic flame burning and “After Work Happy Hour” with the coworkers to let off office steam, so why not schedule “Family Q/T”? You may love one another and enjoy sharing each other’s company during special occasions and holidays but on the daily basis you could be missing out on those moments that can never be regained. Here are some ideas that I have conjured up within my home as breeding ground for precious moments to not only occur, but be recognized without feeling like it’s a scheduled task.

•“Free” Hug Day: At any given moment you, the hunny, your daughter or son can request a pause in whatever you’re doing and share a squeeze. We love the group hugs- even the teenager! We’ve added an extra Free Hug Day to the week (Tuesday and Wednesday) and look forward to a “stop-drop-n- hug” session!

Cook Together: We play some music share stories and memories. Not only can cooking be interactive, learning and fun but it will insure that all will eat together. Also a great way to get in the know without “prying”

•TV Time: With all of us having different interests in tv shows we find ourselves in our bedrooms enjoying them alone. We make it a point to gather with snacks in the livingroom for a couple of episodes of something we all like or a movie once or twice a week.

Game Time: You’d be surprised to know that a 30 minute card or board game can be such an impressionable bonding moment, it releases endorphins and creates a happy feeling even if you lose!

•Volunteer Together: I schedule myself and the kids to 1-2 group volunteers a year that we all can feel good about and make memories together. This gives them a sense of importance (give them praise while hard at work), feeling like their existence matters to even a stranger.

•Get Out: Take a walk together through the neighborhood or a local park, sit on the porch for a change of scenery, a bike ride or a car ride to visit a friend or family member. Conversations are likely to happen!

Try them out and notice the excitement and anticipation when the kids, hunny, and you see the themed scheduled day of family time on the calendar! Before you know it, you all will spontaneously suggest doing things together sharing laughter and smiles. Start new traditions of your own and share them in the comments below. Let’s help build happier and stronger families. Be well. Be balanced. C’est la Vie!

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3 thoughts on “Scheduling Q/T For Family

  1. You are a wonderful beautiful young lady and I am so proud to have a niece great niece and nephew like you stay strong and keep god in your life love you☺💑☺


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