“Va Jay Jay” Workout

“ The Va Jay Jay, Feminine Flower, Love Box, Coochie, Hoohah, Yoni, Cookie…is the sacred entrance to a Woman’s Temple, brings forth life and is a muscle that requires a workout just like the rest of the body”~ Angel

As we approach the end of March, Women’s History Month, I thought it to befitting that we discuss what makes most of us women: Let’s talk about the “Va Jay Jay”! If you have a vagina, whether you identify as a woman or not, it is a vital part of the body. I overheard two young ladies discussing how holding their pee was a good thing, that it was strengthening their bladders because it was a form of Kegals- I cringed and intervened: “NO NO NO!!!!!”. Holding your pee weakens your bladder and can lead to incontinence. They were shocked to learn this and I briefly schooled them on the importance of a Va Jay Jay workout- and holding your pee aint it! If you are guilty of putting off a potty break you would definitely like to keep reading!

Symptoms of incontinence can be as mild as peeing when you sneeze, laugh or cough to frequent uncontrollable urges to urinate; these can be due to medications, pregnancy, childbirth or trauma. If you fall under that umbrella, read on…if you don’t fall under that umbrella, read on because incontinence effects 80% of women by age 65.

If you’re still reading, CONGRATULATIONS, there is preventative measures to ensure that you do not need Poise pads in your future… The Va Jay Jay workouts!!! Yes, the vagina is a muscle that like all other muscles can stand a workout and here are some that I will share.

  • Kegals: highly recommended by gynecologists, Kegal exercise is a simple workout that you can do anywhere at anytime…even during sex! (Thank me later) This is what you do, squeeze your vaginal muscles in rounds of 10 pulses throughout the day. The object is to isolate the vaginal wall muscles- your stomach, inner thigh and butt is not part of the workout, just the Va Jay Jay. When you have mastered the pulses graduate yourself to holding the squeeze for 3-5 seconds at a time. Kegals not only prevent incontinence, but aids in a healthy labor and beneficial when it comes to enhancing vaginal orgasms! Yassssss!!!
  • Yoni egg/ yoni popping: After you’ve become a pro at Kegals, pop in a yoni egg to gain an even tighter grip (hahaha) and get to yoni popping! A yoni egg is an egg shaped crystal that has been used by women for centuries dating back to Ancient China. Use of a yoni egg builds strength and resistance to the pelvic floor. They are available in various sizes depending on your coochie strength- start with large or medium and work your way down. There are workouts designed specifically to when you’re using/wearing a yoni egg; there’s  yoni popping, yoni yoga and yoni weight lifting- YEAH you read right! Ladies, it is healing to the vagina and it feels so good while wearing it and added bonus is that you can get a tight grip on even the smallest of penises.
  • Masturbation: Okay, so if you have decided to abstain from sex, or you’re a nun, masturbation is marvelous exercise for the Hoohah! A little story: someone I know practiced celibacy for an extended amount of time and experienced pelvic floor prolapse, she was told by her doctor that in order to avoid surgery, she needed to exercise that Cookie! Yes ladies, masterbation is an amazing way to keep that Vaginal Flower feeling like a rose, so go ahead and order some C and D cell batteries!!
  • Sex: Sex isn’t just for recreation, or pleasure, it’s kinda like a necessity! Experiencing vaginal orgasms contracts the muscles of the Love Box, and muscles contractions and releases are indeed a workout.

So try any or all of these workouts and your panties shall remain dry until it counts!

No vaginas were harmed during the making of this blog! But seriously, I want you all to be informed and intuned, women’s health should not be an embarrassing subject to discuss and you need to know what makes you tick and how to control it! The Power of the Pussy is endless, even outside of the bedroom. Be Well. Be Balanced. Be Amazing!

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3 thoughts on ““Va Jay Jay” Workout

  1. Hi Angel cousin Goldie said that this info is amazing…..she said it is also helpful because she does not have a mate or boyfriend. So its helpful for her to have a healthy Va Jay Jay, body, and mind.


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