Release and Receive

“When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for inspiration and ‘good orderly direction’ to enter” ~ Julia Cameron

I have hoarding tendencies. I like to see a little clutter of jewelry, coins and receipts on my dresser; no sooner than i put my shoes in their prospective places, they’re congregated back at the base of my bed; yes I have a hamper in the hall closet BUT somehow my worn clothes gather into a small pile in front of my closet. I find comfort in a little mess, but also great distress when the mess gets out of hand?! What gives? It is likely some sort of freaky control issue. When I begin to feel anxy, unfocused and easily annoyed, I take a glance at my room and know what needs to be done! De-clutter! Take back my sanctuary! This time I decided to go a little further and to purge my closet, I keep it organized, but I have entirely too many clothes, shoes and bags. During my journey of manifesting clarity and making room to receive what I want, I’ve learned that Purging is Pertinent! As I grabbed trash bags I asked myself these questions: “Can I get this from somewhere else (streaming/download)? Does it work? How long has it been since I’ve used or worn it?”,  and I began to remove cd’s, dvd’s, clothes EXCEPT for a few special occasion/cocktail dresses and “night out” pieces , shoes that I haven’t worn for 2 seasons, tossed the old panties and bras (those that stay in the back of the drawer), perfume, lotions and papers. Oh it felt so liberating! I could feel the positive vibrations charging through my room and adrenaline pumping through my veins! I gave away 4 bags of clothes and 2 bags of shoes! Usually it is suggested to toss an item whenever you buy a new item so you won’t have an overabundance but  I even did one better: I Vowed Not To Buy Any Clothes for One Year!!! I’m going to shop in my own closet! I am set on allowing positive energy to flow freely and continuously through my sanctuary (hey that’s a great affirmation; jot it down and repeat it!), get rid of what I have no use for in order to receive what I want (another affirmation),  as well as donating great clothes to someone who can use them! My personal challenge began in June and it will be interesting to see what different couture combos I come up with to reinvent my clothes and what new doors are opened after reducing and removing. I feel better already!  Be well. Be blessed. Be balanced. C’est la Vie: This Is Life!

After purging my closet and saving a few oldies but goodies; I revamped this romper that was hanging neglected in my closet for 6 years! I accessorized it with a pair of gladiator heels and no one would ever believe I didn’t just pop the tags off of this outfit!

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2 thoughts on “Release and Receive

  1. You have done it again,so spot on,totally where I am right now.Positive vibes only,and a bit of mininalizing, to be practical,spend conscious, and taking joy in the simplicity in your life.

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