Cuervo Cuppycakes


During this time of the year (winter in Philly), my inner fat girl takes over! I don’t deny that I am a foodie down to the bone, a fit foodie, a share-my-fattening-food-foodie, a just-need-a-bite-foodie, but a foodie nonetheless! With that being said, I made cupcakes, not just any cupcakes, my own semi-homemade recipe for “Cuervo Cuppycakes”! And as a true foodie, I love my fellow foodies to experience the delight in a bite! So for those who aren’t so lucky to receive a sample of my confectionary concoction- here’s the recipe!

Angel’s Semi Homemade: Cuervo Cuppycakes

Betty Crocker white cake mix
¼ cup José Cuervo tequila
¼ cup daiquiri or margarita mix any flavor (non alcoholic)
flavor injector
flavor injector ingredients: equal parts tequila and daiquiri/margarita mix

Follow cake instructions BUT substitute ½ cup of the water with tequila and strawberry mix.
Bake as directed. Immediately after removing cupcakes from oven, inject halfway through cupcakes with approximately ½-1 teaspoon of tequila & strawberry mixture. Allow to cool and enjoy plain or top with favorite glaze or frosting and flavored/colored sugar rim. Garnish with little umbrellas. Bon Appetit and Cheers! Thank me later!

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