A Maze In Love

It’s been a while friends- but I’m back! I have buckled down and completed my book, a poetry compilation titled “A Maze In Love”, now available on Amazon.com, and I’m full of a myriad of emotions. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment by checking my book off on my list, I am proud, and I even have a sense of vulnerability- that up to the point of proof approval, I almost backed out of publishing. “A Maze In Love”, a little word play in the title- amazing love, but also literal (sometimes loving can feel like a maze). I’ve been writing poetry since the early 2000’s and have made a compilation of my favorites.  My poetry is a very transparent view of my journey through various experiences of love: romantic, family as well as self love. I invite you along on my journey through this maze of love in the form of poetry (includes adult content) with my own commentary offering insight on the selections.  I am grateful for the support I’ve received and for the opportunity to share my lessons. Please follow “A Maze In Love” for updates.

Be Blessed. Be Well. Be Balanced!


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